2 more resource allocation questions

In Docker when allocating CPU, memory, SWAP:
1- what does SWAP mean?
2- can i beef-up my resources before loading images for a new map and then, after my new map is generated, can i go back and re-set the resources so there wont be any impact to the processing speed on other applications?

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1 - swap is disk-backed virtual memory, usually to hold older pages to free physical memory for active pages. 4GB is the max under Docker for MacOS, and Windows you can set it to be whatever using a custom swap vhdx and tuned wslconfig

2 - you can always just close Docker when you’re not using it, as changing resource limits usually requires restarting Docker at the least.

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Thank you- your answer is a good one, but I’m finding that running WebODM on a Mac may be more trouble than its worth. Photographed a site this morning (386 images), was all psyched to see how the new map turned out with the increased “horsepower” in the settings but after 4:10 It stopped and said it could not complete the task. This App is a full time job. I’m done for today and maybe will try again tomorrow night.

I understand. However, try not to get discouraged as everyone has growing pains when starting with photogrammetry and we are all here to offer what assistance we can :sunglasses:

Fresh eyes are always good.

I’ve spent another 2+ hours and am getting nowhere. I have uninstalled WebODM and Docker and attempted to reload but Docker froze while getting started. Iwaited but got nowhere.
I have uninstalled Docker and WebODM and will wait for your advice before I try again. I thought it was funny while trying to track down the problem It basically invited me to upgrade to find out what was wrong.

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What is your internet connectivity like?

If you are at the point where WebODM Manager is pulling the Docker images down, you’re looking at about 4GB to download. This part can be lengthy on slow connections.

Connectivity is very good. It seems the more time i spend on this, the worse it gets.

If you’d like to schedule remote support so I can take a closer look, reach out to [email protected]

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Thank you- i will follow up!


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