1 server or 2?

Hey All,

I have a grand idea to make a purchase for a webodm workstation(s). I cant decide if I want 1 server with 256GB ram or 2 server with 128GB ram each. Does webodm run good coupled with clusterODM? will be using linux and docker. Thanks in advance.

You’re probably better off with more ram on a single machine — you can always spin up a couple nodes on that one machine.

How to add more node in one machine? I have a 256GB RAM workstation.

How would I even do that? Every time I start a task, it pretty much uses all of the available system resources.

Take a look at the available flags both for docker and NodeODM. You can limit the resources used at both the container level and within NodeODM. I can send some flags later if you need more help that that, but start with how to limit memory usage in docker, and max number of images/ max number of cores used by NodeODM.

I’m using the standalone Windows installer version. I have no idea how to access anything at that level.

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