American Red Cross projects (19)

Information about drone imagery sets collected by the American Red Cross is available here. Image sets are made available for download with the intent that they can be used for purposes such as test datasets for develop…

About the Datasets category (1)
Urban area - Mix of buildings and vegetation (5)
División de Ciencias Forestales, Chapingo, México Im141 (1)
SE SAL M1 20180504 Alt50Over80 Im562 (1)
PH4 20161109 La Barrier (1)
M1 MinOver75 Alt50 Im445 20171011 (1)
Belair M2 Shore Alt10 Ov75 Im408 (1)
Belair M1 ShoretoRd Alt50 Ov75 Im407 (1)
Sheffield Cross (1)
Sand Key Park (2)
Sheffield Park 3 (1)
Sheffield Park 2 (1)
Sheffield Park 1 (1)
Brighton Beach (1)