What are the units of the surface model (TIF)?


Hello! I have a very silly question, but I can’t find the answer in the documentation, nor in the forum.

I am currently using WebODM, which has the feature of downloading the Surface Model in TIF format.

I can open it and visualize it in Matlab to process it, which is great. The TIF file appears to be a matrix of floating point values, where the Matrix position represents the X,Y position of the image, and the elements of the matrix are the Z. So far, so good.

The question is: What is the unit for these Z? They are doubles, and they are around 100-130. Are they in meters, feet? Relative height or absolute height?

Theories and advice for where to look for the answer are welcome :grinning:. Thank you very much in advance


Hey @julianpalladino, it’s meters. Well everything is “relative” to something :slight_smile: in this case it’s relative to whatever your ground control points or GPS EXIF values are set to, typically they are relative to sea level.