Strange pattern in DSM model


I´ve got very strange patterns in a surfacemodel, anyone know what´s going on?



How does the point cloud look like? Since the DSM is interpolated from the point cloud, you might find the source of the pattern from it.


I really can´t see anything special in the pc.
Does the colors only represent the height of the surface och does some other parameter like pixelcolor make any input?



They represent the height of the surface. So you might need to have a closer look at the point cloud.


Well I have watched the pc very close and as you know, it is very hard to see any details in a pc at close range. But there are no visible difference that i can find by the eye.
The pattern are “stronger” in a high resolution task.

I’m curious if the fenomena are coming from the Mavic Cam or from the rendering task or if the hight difference are actual surface hight differences.
It wouldent be height differences on the new asphalt streets thow?


You might try reprocessing with 0.4. The point cloud (and everything else) should be substantially improved. The release candidate is here:


I´m kind of new to this and not familiar with all the options yet, which one should i set to 0.4?


No special setting — just upgrade to the latest (which is known as 0.4).


Thanx, no strange patterns after update!