Simplified Photo Orthorectification and Plotting


I have a set of Drone Exif photos that I would like to plot according to the Exif metadata in the photos and skip the stitching.

Is there a simple way orthorectify the photos and plot them without stiching the photos together? I’m up for ideas.


It’s not possible to skip stitching altogether. There’s a whole body of work on realtime ortho creation, but AFAIK, no turnkey solution out there.

That said, we do have a fast ortho process (experimental) which may help:

--fast-orthophoto     Skips dense reconstruction and 3D model generation. It
                      generates an orthophoto directly from the sparse
                      reconstruction. If you just need an orthophoto and do
                      not need a full 3D model, turn on this option.


Thanks Smathermather.

We’ve been running the fast-ortho option per your suggestion and we’re getting results (as opposed to crashing).

It appears that for any given area, the fast-ortho option is eliminating many photos around the border or perimeter of our area of interest. Any ideas?

It seems that there would be other parameters we could tune so the webODM algorithm does not “eliminate” these border photos. What parameters would you tune to prevent this?

Another option would be to over-photograph our area of interest and let fastortho just throw out these photos…however we are photographing tremendously large areas…

thanks for the help.


Typically we recommend overflying, as there is a minimum amount of overlap between images needed. For massive areas of flight, this fortunately becomes a fraction of your total flight area, but it is more time flying.