Re-install / Compiling using native WebODM


Hello guys,

I’m a developer new to the django-python-reactJS structure, and the Ubuntu environment.

I’ve made the installation successfully on my AWS EC2 instance, for some further purpose, i have to edit some react UI and add some customize function in the back-end, is there anyway to rebuild the front-end / back-end more efficiently instead of re-run the bash

And thanks for the great project!!


Hey @fis, yes you don’t need to reinstall everything, from the /webodm directory simply do:

sudo su odm
webpack --watch

Now any JSX/JS/SCSS file (with the exception of the files in /webodm/plugins) will automatically rebuild.


@pierotofy, Thanks for your kindly reply, I’m facing another problem - rebuilded js / css version files seems not found in the browser, yet it looks like a setting issue, I think i’ll try to solve it by myself and gain some react-related knowledge this time.

But I’ve got another question which requires your help:

What if I’m trying to rebuild the django-python (backend-only)?
Is there any shell-script helps doing this one?

Thanks for your help buddy!!