Point cloud generation noisy


From @KommandorKeen on Thu Aug 17 2017 07:38:18 GMT+0000 (UTC)

ODM on left colmap on the right.

Copied from original issue: https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/OpenDroneMap/issues/653


I’m waking this up - finding the same thing, I’d call it ‘fuzzy’. I need to look deeper into intermediate products to see if i can find where the fuzz arrives.

OpenDroneMap roof:

OpenDroneMap detail - this is a jetty deck, there are a few ’surfaces’ which are not real:


In Pix4D, roof:

…and jetty deck:

notes - this imageset is from sensefly’s demo set (the norwegian lighthouse). I didn’t make the pix4D point cloud, so have no idea what optimisations were applied.

I see the same effects in ODM’s demo datasets. I’ll keep digging, but ideas are welcome!


Keep the documentation coming. There’s work yet to do on the dense point cloud. I’m not clear yet on whether it’s an alignment issue (and therefore in need of greater accuracy in the SfM step that precedes dense point cloud calculation), a post-processing step that should align the different depthmaps, or some other optimization, but documenting the issues is definitely the first step.


Just to verify – this is running the latest master branch or 0.4, correct?


Using dockerised ODM:latest - which looks to be the same as tag 0.4.0:


(14 days old)


Cool. A current issue then. Thanks!


Is your camera in the lensfun database? If so, it would be interesting to see what a little pre-calibration would do to help reduce this. I don’t think it’s the only issue, but it would be interesting to know whether it has a discernable effect.