Native Install on Ubuntu



I am trying to install WebODM natively under Ubuntu 16.04 using the community provided script:

I have two questions:

a) At the end of the script it configures docker… so is it not really native? I plan to use this on a virtual machine and don’t want performance to be much degraded.

b) When the script finishes, is there any other step I must complete in order to be able to connect and start working? What URL should I use to connect to the newly configured machine?

Thanks in advance,


The community script is installing WebODM natively, but I think it assumes that node-OpenDroneMap and OpenDroneMap are installed using docker. You can follow the instructions on and to install those natively as well.

If you need a script that installs everything natively and you want to save some time, you could also consider supporting the project by purchasing


I’m pretty much a newbie and no ubuntu power user either… I was not aware of the script for installing but I first tried installing on a virtual server on digital ocean. Hit a snag when it could not find docker… and I didnt know how to set the path to docker. I created a new server with docker already installed… one of the one click installs. I then ran the webodm install… had to add pip manually… once installed I could access the it via the machines IP:8000