Ideal Computer for WebODM


Dear Community.

I’d like to ask you all which would be the ideal computer to run with no problems WebODM

Right now I own a regular laptop, Windows 10 Home, 8Gb Ram, 2Gb Video (dedicated) and I’m having a lot of troubles running small projects on WebODM. I´ve read different topics on how to set the docker and Oracle, but I keep getting error messages, specially RAM error.

In my job we have discovered how useful a drone can be, so we need to maximize the Phantom 4 Pro we own. I’ve used DroneDeploy to plan small flight missions, 250 pictures, but I need to be able to run bigger projects.

So, I need to invest on a better computer. What are the requirements or what components would you recommend or consider?

Hope you can help me with this issue.



If you’re building a machine specifically for WebODM I would recommend:

  • More RAM (32 GB or more)
  • Use Linux as your operating system instead of Windows, as docker runs better on Linux and uses resources more efficiently
  • A good solid state drive for faster disk I/O

Other factors like CPU are not as important.


Thank for your quick answer @pierotofy
So, for WebODM video card a processor are not as important, good to know. But, would you recommend an i7 and good video card, right?
I’ll use the computer for other thing too.

Thanks again.


An i7 is good. Video card has no importance (we don’t leverage the GPU at the moment).


i have a dell R710, 128 gigs of ram and 2 x5560 processors.

i mostly just process the odd dataset for my brother(a farmer). i have processed up to 900 at a time 1/2 mile * 1/2 mile. in my experiance (witch is not much)

  • 32 gigs of ram is prefered.
  • 16 works but more the better. leave yourself the option of upgrading to 32
  • 4 cores is fine and get a high clock speed.

i have mine set up for 8 cores and 32 gigs of ram running ubuntu 16.04. fast otho with multi core(20 min for 100 pics) but merging 3d meshes will single core and take forever. (8-9 hours for me doing 900 pics)

its really about what you can find cheep. i have been buying old servers. i just got a dell R510 32 gigs of ram and 1 - x5650 cpu for 450 bucks Canadian. ebay is a great place.


Thank you for your comment.
I´ll start looking for these kind of computers now.