Help Applying VARI to Orthomosaic


Hi there,

A new WebODM user here. Creating fast orthophoto seemed to work great for imagery of my canola crop. Even with my mediocre cpu specs (i5 4460, 8GB RAM, I may upgrade to 16GB shortly). I would however like to apply VARI to my existing RGB mosaic. I had found some code on other posts here ( ) but I cannot seem to figure out where to apply it.
I’m very impressed with merkato’s results here. I just have no idea how utilize his resources.

Any input for a noob like myself would be very welcome.


WebODM doesn’t have VARI outputs yet, but it’s in our pipeline:

With funding or additional contributors we would be able to get to it faster. At the current pace, I’d expect VARI outputs to be available sometimes next year.


Yo, just wirte one self. algorythm is simple enough. or if you are total noob, send an email to specifying target platform and i can write a code for ya.