Can I use ODM as a library in c++ to do an orthophoto?


My intention is to apply image processing techniques to an orthoimage. I already did it but I got the orthoimage from the program, that is, I used WebODM to generate the orthoimage and then that image I process in my c++ project. However, I want that orthophoto can be generated from the program, is there any way to include ODM as a library in c ++ to generate the orthoimage from the program I made?


You could use WebODM’s REST API?

The examples are in Python, but you can use whatever language you want.


Thank you for your answer and sorry but I don’t know what “REST API” means, I’m beginner in English.
What I meant above is that I used WebODM to perform the orthoimage, then I downloaded it and processed it in my CodeBlocks program on my computer.
What I want to do now is to use OpenDroneMap as a library and call the ortophoto function from my program in c ++.
Is it possible to do that?
I don’t know if I understand well, do you say that I can use the functions of phyton in my c++ program?


As a library no, currently you cannot do that.

Information on REST:


Thank you so much! I’ll try to do it in another way.